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Our Story:
Treks and Trails was established in August 2012. We were one an unplanned trip just 3 passionate friends. In one of our discussion Treks and Trails was born. The methodology being commercial and a Social Initiative. A brand was born. Treks and Trails India is now the leading Trekking Group Mumbai 
Our belief be a Responsible trekker
As trekkers ourselves, we believe in doing adventure activity yet be responsible. Even as participants one is responsible towards the environment, campsite, local villagers. Also to oneself. Hence, we try to ensure that there is local participation at our events. As this will encourage local people from participation and generate revenue for them. Ensuring that no disposing of plastic along the trek trail, forts that we visit. As a small plastic bag of around 20 microns would take up to 400 years to biodegrade. Definitely not everyone has that time. The idea being that we need be convinced that travelling responsibly is a culture here. If numbers are to be believed 2025 an estimated 1.5 billion people will be out of their homes experiencing other lands and cultures. This has to be a mass movement.
The basic funda being of “Leave No Trace – take only photographs” in all our trips and almost 100% of our leaders, share the same thoughts with our participants. The events as usually planned well in advance with proper preparation. If need be we do REKI (a dry run for unknown routes) to ensure participants safety, time required, etc.
Mountain manners is required: As a trekker one should not trouble people from the group also avoid disturbing the local villages and adivasis. We should not create a nuisance by shouting, playing loud music while in the outdoors. 
Why TreksandTrails, India:
Established in Maharashtra group, with the founders and Trek Leader being outdoor adventure passionate themselves.
Events conducted with various group sizes such as 2 members to Mount Everest Base to 100 members to Mount Kalsubai in Maharashtra.
Various pricing range events happening. We also conduct free events. Social initiative events, cost sharing events, sponsored events. After all more the merrier.
One field the Trek Leader could split the group into small group to ensure efficiency and time utilization.
Waste disposal is one of the key focus area, be it a one day trek, overnight trek or camp conducted,
We also promote participants to leave what you find – take only memories. Such as archaeological Idols, unique stone carvings, wild flowers etc.


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30th 1st October 2017

For Registrations Call  -  Rajesh Mhaddalkar - 9869629288 / 9768341848 - Treks and Trails Mumbai - 8828746865

1. Trek to Lohagad Fort on 30th September 2017 Learn More -  - Rs 900.00 per person.

2. Overnight Trek to Rajmachi and Kondane Caves on 30th 1st October 2017 Learn More - -  Rs 1500.00 per person.

3. Trek to Kalsubai on 30th 1st October 2017 Learn More -  -  Rs 1200.00 per person.

4. Trek to Andharban on 30th 1st October 2017 Learn More - - Rs 1300.00 per person.

5. Lonavala Camping - Pavna Dam Camping on 30th 1st October 2017 Learn More - -Rs 1900.00 per person.

6. About Kaas Plateau 30th 1st October Learn More -   - Rs 2200.00 per person.